A Prologue from AMPP Indonesia Chapter

    July 1, 2022 EAPA Newsletters

    AMPP Indonesia Chapter accommodates corrosion experts, practitioners, academics, and students to participate and contribute actively to the programs designed by the Chapter. They define and reflect the vision and missions of the organization itself.

    The Chapter’s Vision is to have a positive contribution to corrosion expertise and promote awareness to prevent major accidents caused by corrosion.  The  Missions define 3 (three) main points. First, increase awareness. Secondly, facilitate education, and thirdly become the centralized networking to support the International community in Indonesia.

    In coherence with the vision and missions, Indonesia Chapter 2022 Committee is established in such a way to ensure the important aspects are covered by the following departments, such as Student Assistance, Program, Membership Engagement, International Relationship, Publication, and Marketing. The committee members come from various backgrounds and industries (Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Mining, and Industrial Practitioners); and meet regularly on a quarterly basis to evaluate the defined program and its follow-up.

    The presence of the AMPP Indonesia Chapter is warmly welcomed by the government, industries, and academia.

    Continuous efforts are made to sustain engagement with AMPP member’s in Indonesia and allow them to have benefited from AMPP Indonesia Chapter through our existing (and new) programs, as well as, the networking within AMPP.

    Our existing programs for 2022 – 2023 are: Technical Group Discussion (TGF), Bintaro (Bincang Santai Korosi), Korosi Podcast, Members Meet Up, Membership engagement, Coordinate the student activity, Providing the Guest lecture to the universities, and also to engage the international experts to contribute to the AMPP Indonesia Chapter activity, we believe that those activities are the best way to bring AMPP to the Indonesian market.

    Meanwhile, the established networking is done through social media such as WA Group Corrosion Engineers, Telegram Corrosion Engineers,  Instagram, Linked In, and the website:  naceindonesia.org.

    Our passion for corrosion science drives us to work and contribute relentlessly toward a better life in our community through our expertise.


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