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    January 3, 2023 EAPA Newsletters

    Institute of Metallurgy and Materials Engineering (IMME), Faculty of Chemical and Materials Engineering, University of the Punjab, Lahore in collaboration with The Association for Materials Protection and Performance (AMPP) Pakistan Chapter has initiated “Corrosion Technical Series” for the benefit of undergrad students and young engineers. The series of lectures will focus on highlighting corrosion awareness emphasizing on practical aspects, solutions of real industrial problems and field practices to be conducted by practicing experienced professionals. To develop students’ interest in corrosion engineering, it is important to have experts of corrosion field share their knowledge and experience with them.

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    Engr. Ameeq Farooq (Lecturer, IMME and Secretary, AMPP Pakistan Section) addresses the objective and importance of those Corrosion Technical Series


    In this context, the first technical session was conducted by Ahmed Asad, Manager Corrosion Control, Inspectest Pvt. Ltd on “Basic Economics on Corrosion Engineering” at the Institute of Metallurgy and Materials Engineering, University of the Punjab, Lahore on 31st August 2022. M/s Inspestest is a well-established and one of the leading service providers in the field of corrosion, inspection and testing. They have kindly been providing job and internship opportunities to IMME students. Ahmed Asad brilliantly highlighted the financial aspects that related to loss being incurred due to corrosion and which can be avoided by using protective techniques. The lecture was punctuated with practical aspects/ experience gained in the field which created interest for the students. The students thoroughly enjoyed the presentation and participated actively in question and answer session at the end of the talk.

    Ahmed Asad Presentation Session

    Ahmed Asad Presentation Session


    Prof. Dr. Mohsin Ali Raza, Director, IMME thanked Ahmed Asad for sharing his valuable knowledge and experience. He also thanked Engr. Shafqat Ali, Chair, AMPP Pakistan Section, for assisting and coordinating the session. He appreciated the efforts of Ameeq Farooq, Lecturer, IMME for organizing such an informative presentation for his students. Shafqat Ali emphasized the importance of AMPP in providing a platform for corrosion engineers. He also advised students to acquire international corrosion certifications for obtaining jobs in global corrosion market.

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    Prof. Dr. Moshin Ali Raza (Director, IMME) and Shafqat Ali (Chair, AMPP Pakistan Section) presented shield to Ahmed Asad




    Author/ Resource Person:

    Ameeq Farooq, Secretary, Pakistan Chapter AMPP & Lecturer, Institute of Metallurgy and Materials Engineering, University of the Punjab, Lahore





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