International Corrosion Awareness Day

July 1, 2022 EAPA Newsletters

AMPP India Chapter (Formerly NACE International Gateway India Section) and FICCI (Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce & Industry) jointly organized the “International Corrosion Awareness Day” on 29th April 2022 at FICCI Federation House, Tansen Marg, New Delhi, India. This event was specially organized for the corrosion fraternity to network after the two-year hiatus of the pandemic and to discuss the latest corrosion issues in the industry. It also marked the day for the launch of Asia’s largest Corrosion conference – CORCON 2022 which will be organized at the beautiful city of lakes at Udaipur, Rajasthan on 15th -17th September 2022.

Respected Ms. Sukla Mistry- Director – Refineries, IOCL was the chief guest for the occasion, who gave innovative insights about the corrosion in refineries. AMPP India Chapter– Chairman- Mr. K B Singh, AMPP India Chapter – Member at large – Mr. Manohar Rao, NACE International past president- Mr. Tushar Jhaveri, and NIGIS Past Chairman – Dr. Kamachi Mudali were also present at the event. AMPP India Chapter executive committee members from the India North zone – President –Lt Col Atul K. Joshi, Secretary- Smt. Nivedita Bhattacharya, Chairman- Collaboration- Mr. Alok Roy, Treasurer- Mr. Debasish Bora, Joint secretary – Dr. Arunima Shukla along with important dignitaries from all major PSU’s like IOCL, GAIL, EIL, BPCL, HPCL were present. Dignitaries and delegates from contractors, consultants, and suppliers were also present in the Corrosion Industry.

 The event started with AMPP India Chapter manager – Ms. Amarjeet Bains welcoming the guests and explaining the significance of the International Corrosion Awareness Day 2022. She highlighted the importance of “Rust never sleeps” the unified power of the industry and the contribution and role of each AMPP member in fighting the constant war against corrosion.

Following the brief introduction, AMPP India Chapter North Zone president, Lt Col Atul K Joshi addressed the dignitaries with the activities done by the AMPP India Chapter North Zone executives during the pandemic at various levels to spread corrosion awareness from Academia to the Industry. He emphasized the importance of corrosion education at the school level and beyond for which he lauded the efforts made by Dr. Jaya Rawat and Dr. Arunima Shukla through mini corrosion educational videos called Corrosion Vodcasts. He also mentioned the Annual Virtual Pipeline Integrity conference – PINCON which was a great success in dissipating corrosion awareness and networking with Corrosion Engineers during the pandemic.

AMPP India Chapter Chairman- Mr. K B Singh explained the new opportunities that have emerged as a result of the formation of the new organization called AMPP – “Association for Materials Protection and Performance.” The merger of NACE International and SSPC-Society for surface protective coatings has amplified the strength of AMPP in terms of protecting all the materials around the world. He gave a brief about the structure of AMPP and the AMPP India Chapter. He also gave a brief about the NACE Impact Study which provides data on corrosion costs and how it impacts the world. He emphasized the need for a successful corrosion management system and how the role of each and everyone present in the event can preserve the vital assets of the country.

Next was the address by the honorable chief guest, Ms. Sukla Mistry- Director –Refineries, IOCL, which was very insightful and well appreciated by the delegates. She emphasized the importance of Corrosion Education at all levels and how it can significantly change the face of the industry. She also highlighted the importance of digital innovative technologies like corrosion modeling which need to be used in this fast-paced world. She emphasized sector-wise data collection on corrosion so that the country can focus on the most important sectors needing attention. She also spoke about the latest introduction of Hydrogen as energy fuel and left the audience with an important question for the near future:- “how the corrosion fraternity intends to fight corrosion in the upcoming hydrogen infrastructure”.

After the address by the chief guest, the Launch of CORCON 2022 was introduced by CORCON Technical Chairman – Dr. Kamachi Mudali, who spoke about exciting new topics of concern in corrosion like Global Corrosion Cyber Attacks and modern inspection technologies like Corrosion Robotics & Humanoids. He gave a brief of past CORCON –Expo and conferences and how CORCON 2022 will be different for the new AMPP community. A video introduction of the exciting venue of Udaipur, Rajasthan selected for CORCON 2022 was shown to the audience. The launch of the CORCON 2022 brochure was done by honorable chief guest Ms. Sukla Mistry- Director –Refineries, IOCL, which was displayed with zeal and enthusiasm by the dignitaries at the dais.

An open house Technical interactive discussion was gracefully conducted by Dr. A K Tewari, Ex-Director –IOCL. Mr. Bose Babu and Mr. SS Verma from EIL were welcomed to the dais for the discussion. The questions were answered with great interest in innovation and technologies which can change the face of the industry and minimize the cost of corrosion. All the dignitaries provided their opinions and constructive suggestions to improve their capacities. The technical interactive session was greatly appreciated by all. The audience also showed keen interest in participation and provided thoughtful insights into the topics discussed.

Before the departure of the chief guest, a huge round of applause was again given to the first female Director from the Inspection area of the refineries- Ms. Sukla Mistry- Director –Refineries, IOCL, and the many suggestions and opinions given were taken up with great enthusiasm.

 Finally, the vote of thanks was presented by AMPP India Chapter North Zone Secretary, Ms. Nivedita Bhattacharya, GM, SMMS, EIL where she individually thanked each one for their valuable time for connecting in this event. She also encouraged the corrosion fraternity to take this event as a huge milestone towards newer initiatives towards corrosion awareness.

The event was concluded with a networking dinner where delegates got an opportunity to meet and share their experiences.

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ICAD poster outside the event venue: FICCI Federation House



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AMPP India Chapter North Zone – President – Lt Col Atul K Joshi addressed the dignitaries


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AMPP India Chapter Chairman : Mr. K B Singh introduced AMPP to the dignitaries


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Delegates from Major PSUs- GAIL, IOCL, BPCL, HPCL, EIL, CP Contractors and suppliers eagerly listened to the chief guest’s address


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Honorable chief guest, Ms. Sukla Mistry- Director –Refineries, IOCL was felicitated by NACE international Past president – Mr. Tushar Jhaveri and NACE India Past Chairman – Dr Kamachi Mudali


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CORCON 2022 Technical Chairman and NACE India Past Chairman Dr Kamachi Mudali eagerly explained the newly added technical symposia of Cyber corrosion attacks and Humanoids


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Launch of CORCON 2022 Brochure by Honorable chief guest Smt Sukla Mistry Director-Refineries, IOCL (third from left). From left : AMPP India Chapter Member at large – Mr. Manohar Rao, AMPP India Chapter Chairman – Mr. K B Singh, Dr. Kamachi Mudali- Corcon 2022 technical Chairman, Mr. Tushar Jhaveri – NACE International Past President, Dr. A K Tewari – Ex Director -IOCL


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Technical Interactive discussion on corrosion by moderator Dr. AK Tewari — Ex Director - IOCL



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Delegates registered and inquired about AMPP


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Networking before the event over Tea and Coffee


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Networking dinner and camaraderie


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The audience eagerly listened to the Chairman’s address


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AMPP India Chapter staff Ms. Amarjeet Bains hosting the started the event by welcoming the guests






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