AMPP Malaysia Chapter Hosts First Painters Competition

    August 30, 2023 EAPA Newsletters

    Organized by the AMPP Malaysia Chapter, the inaugural Malaysia Painters Competition 2023 was held in Teluk Kalung, Terengganu, Malaysia, on Saturday, August 19.

    With free registration, the event featured networking; opportunities to learn from peers on painting skills; and sourcing for products, services, and the latest in cutting-edge technologies.

    The event’s primary objective was to showcase Malaysian surface preparation and industrial painting craftworkers, and it ultimately brought out a crowd of nearly 100 people to witness some of Malaysia's finest industrial painters showcasing their skills.

    From that competition, congratulations go out to these winning teams:

    • First place: BlastOne International Malaysia (Zuhaimi Bin Ismail, Ainulyaqin Bin Asjadi, and Pazli Bin Mohd Kassim).
    • Second place: Deleum Oilfield Services Sdn. Bhd (Mohd Khirani Jusoh, Ahmad Zikrie Hakim Mohammad and Mohd Asri Mohd Salleh).
    • Third place: UBF Maintenance Sdn. Bhd (Muhammad Amirul Khozi, Muhammad Harith Harun and Muhammad Al-Hafizzullah).
    1st Prize

    First Place Winners

    2nd Prize

    Second Place Winners

    3rd Prize

    Third Place Winners

    The competition took place with support from the official Paint Sponsor, Hempel, as well as esteemed partners including PETRONAS; the Malaysian Oil, Gas and Energy Services Council (MOGSC); The Institution of Engineers, Malaysia (IEM); and AMPP.

    Representatives from PETRONAS & MOGSC with Committee

    Representatives from PETRONAS & MOGSC with Committee

    Representatives from IEM & Committee

    Representatives from IEM & Committee

    “Special thanks to UBF for providing us with the use of their outstanding facility, Bullard for supplying the safety PPE (personal protective equipment) and painting hoods, Tinker & Raser for sponsoring the event T-shirts, and the BlastOne team for preparing the panels prior to the competition,” said Aaron Williams, Managing Director at Blast Abrasives Supply. “We also acknowledge the invaluable support from all our Malaysian and international vendors.”

    “We were honored to welcome our esteemed Keynote Speaker, Muhammad Hawari Hasan, representing PETRONAS,” Williams said. “He shared his invaluable insights and experiences.” Hawari, who is the company’s principal corrosion engineer, is currently holding positions as Chairman for PETRONAS’ Protective Coating Technical Committee (PPCTC) and Custodian (corrosion engineering) position at GTS.

    Opening Speech

    Opening Speech by Aaron Williams 

    Keynote Speech

    Keynote Speech by Muhammad Hawari Hasan 

    AMC Chair

    Speech by Asrizal Abd Rahman, AMPP Malaysia Chapter Chair

    The venue for the 2024 Malaysian Painters Competition is currently being decided, according to the event organizer.

    “We extend our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who contributed to the successful 2023 Malaysian Painters Competition,” concluded Williams, an AMPP Certified Coatings Inspector and member of the AMPP Global Center Board of Directors. “Together, we’ve started our own legacy and inspiration that will echo for years to come.”

    The 4 Judges

    Our honourable judges from left to right - Simon Wong, Gurunathan Kuppusamy, Ibrahim Ahjar, Perumal A/L Raman

    Briefing Session


    The briefing session was conducted by judges

    Participants 1




    Exhibitor 9


    Exhibitor 4


    AMPP Booth Participants 1


    Exhibitor 8


    Painting Competitions 2.1


    Painting Competitions 4

    Painting Competitions

    Painting Competitions 6



    About AMPP Malaysia Chapter

    The AMPP Malaysia Chapter (formerly known as the NACE Founding Malaysia Section, or FMS) was established back in March 1995 as part of the East Asia & Pacific Area. The efforts of dedicated members have since grown the section, and it now conducts vibrant activities such as conferences, seminars, and educational courses.

    The section aims to promote corrosion awareness and technological development in both the public and private sectors.

    NACE FMS has sponsored a Malaysia Student Section and a Western Australia Student Section, with the goal of encouraging young corrosion engineers to excel and fight against corrosion.

    For more information, contact: AMPP Malaysia Chapter,

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