Corrosion Engineering Open-Ended Lab (OEL) Exhibition

    March 13, 2023 EAPA Newsletters


    Institute of Metallurgy and Materials Engineering (IMME), University of the Punjab in collaboration with AMPP Pakistan Chapter organized Corrosion Engineering Open-Ended Lab (OEL) Exhibition on 20th December 2022 at Corrosion Control Research Cell, IMME, University of the Punjab, Lahore. The students of the 6th semester were assigned a specific topic for which they need to develop/ conceptualize an experiment/ formulate a procedure, fabricate the equipment and conduct experiments, and exhibit the same items at the OEL exhibition. There were a total of 14 groups of Students. The concept of OEL is actively being promoted by the Pakistan Engineering Council.

    Group 1

    Group 1: (Left to Right) Kainat, Hammad Ahmed and Muhammad Fakhir

    Group 2

    Group 2: (Left to Right) Sumbal Munawar, Usama Sarwar, Bilal Asghar and Esha Maham

    Group 3

    Group 3: (Left to Right) Usman-ul-Hassan Pirzada, Moazzam Ahmad Chishti and Faseeh Ali

    Group 4

    Group 4: (Left to Right) Bilal Ahmad, Munnam Farooq, Zain Ali, Muhammad Aqsan Naveed and Talha Nawaz

    Group 5

    Group 5: (Left to Right) Muhammad Ayub Alam, Abdullah Khan, Sabika Naveed and Sadia Majid

    Group 6

    Group 6: (Left to Right) Muhammad Arbab Haseeb, Muhammad Usman, Furqan Asghar, and Syed Muhammad Abdullah Gilani

    Group 7

    Group 7: (Left to Right) Tasawar Hussain, Arslan, Attiq-ur-Rehman and Faqeeh ul Islam

    Group 8

    Group 8: (Left to Right) Muzammil Habib, Ibrahim Shahid, Muhammad Ali Ghous and Ahmad Saud Bhatti

    Group 9

    Group 9: (Left to Right) Muhammad Ahmad Sajid, Sibtain Ali Sajid and Iqra Falak Sher

    Group 10 Group 10: (Left to Right) Muhammad Hanan, Ali Khan and Muhammad Ammar


    Group 11

     Group 11: (Left to Right) Muhammad Umair Qureshi, Muhammad Umar, Mubashir Ali and Hassan Ahmed

    Group 12

    Group 12: (Left to Right) Zain Waseem, Muhammad Abdullah and Maryam Zahid

    Group 13

    Group 13: (Left to Right) Ali Raza, Muhammad Adnan Raza, Moaqir Sultan, Maham Mehmood



    The corrosion engineering open-ended lab exhibition was sponsored by MAS Associates (Pvt.) Ltd and Inspectest (Pvt.) Ltd. IMME and AMPP Pakistan Chapter invited the corrosion engineering related personnel to visit the exhibition to view the prototype/ fabricated equipment displayed. They encouraged the young corrosion students for their efforts and suggested improvements according to the industrial requirements. 

    Many industrial representatives and corrosion professionals visited the exhibition which includes Asma Maqbool, Zameer-ul-Hassan, Farrukh Haider, Mubassar Razzaq and Rabia Nisar from Sui Northern Pipelines Limited (SNGPL), Muhammad Irfan and Badaruddin Soomro from Pakistan Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (PCSIR), Fiaz Ahmed Laghari from Inspectest (Pvt.) Ltd, Mohsan Abbas and Muhammad Jahangir from MAS Associates (Pvt.) Ltd, Azhar Gul and Mubashir Hayat from Velosi Integrity and Safety Pakistan, Khalil Dogar from Chemical Kinetics, Bilal Aslam from Orient Engineering Service, Hamid Rafiq from Aqua Enviro Technologies, Muhammad Irfan, Deputy Director, ORIC, University of the Punjab, Muhammad Ahsan from AGA Chemicals and Industrial Services and Tahir Saeed from SMV Industrial Services.           

    The displayed projects were evaluated by professionals from the industries and academia. The evaluators are Zaeem-ur-Rehman (Ph.D. scholar, IMME), Umer Latif (Ph.D. scholar, IMME), Shoaib Raza, Abdul Maabood Hassan Alvi (Curexa Health Private Limited) and Hamid Ali (Premier Industrial Chemicals Manufacturing Company Private Limited).

    Ahmad Jawad Khan, General Manager (Corrosion), Sui Northern Pipelines Limited (SNGPL) was the chief guest. He checked all the projects thoroughly, expressed interest and made comments for further improvements. Ahmad Jawad Khan was impressed by the efforts made by the IMME and faculty in holding such an exhibition. He praised the effort done by Ameeq Farooq, Lecturer, IMME and Secretary of AMPP Pakistan Chapter. He stressed the importance of the OEL and recommended it be an annual event as it prepares students to meet future challenges.

    Ahmad Jawad Khan, Prof. Dr. Mohsin Ali Raza and Shafqat Ali distributed the certificate to the participating students and organizing team. The student organizing team was led by Muhammad Haris Qureshi and other team members are Talha Khan, Mirza Haris Aslam, Suhaib Ahmad and Muhammad Muneeb Sajid.


    OEL - Picture 2

    In the closing ceremony, Prof. Dr. Mohsin Ali Raza thanked Ahmad Jawad for his visit to the exhibition and his encouragement to the students. He also thanked Shafqat Ali, the Chair AMPP Pakistan Chapter, for his support and managing the exhibition. He deeply appreciated the efforts of Ameeq Farooq in converting an open-ended lab into an exhibition.

     Dr. Mohsin Ali Raza and Shafqat Ali presented the shields to the Chief Guest Ahmad Jawad Khan and the sponsors of the exhibition, Mr. Fiaz Ahmed Laghari on behalf of Inspectest (Pvt.) Ltd. and Mohsin Abbas and Muhammad Jahangir on the behalf of MAS Associates (Pvt.) Ltd.

    Picture 3

    Shields presented to the Chief Guest and Sponsors of the exhibition





    Ameeq Farooq, Secretary, AMPP Pakistan Chapter AMPP & Lecturer, Institute of Metallurgy and Materials Engineering, University of the Punjab, Lahore




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