Maximize Trade Show Success: 4 Essential Tips for Eye-Catching Booths and Engaging Attendees

    June 25, 2024 Tiffany Krevics, CEM

    Hi there! I’m Tiffany Krevics, Exhibits and Sponsorships Sales Specialist at AMPP – Association for Materials Protection and Performance. Welcome to my very first blog! With years of experience in helping exhibitors maximize their trade show presence, I’m excited to share some tips to ensure your booth stands out and draws in attendees. Creating an engaging booth that captures attention can be the difference between a successful trade show and one that falls flat! Need some inspiration to make your booth design shine? Then read on!

    • Eye-Catching Graphics: Use high-quality, bold graphics that can be seen from a distance. Your brand logo, colors and messaging should be clear and consistent. If your company is highly technical, make sure there aren’t too many words describing your company. Key words that tell attendees what your company does is sufficient for your booth. More complex information (brochures/pamphlets) can be passed out at the booth. Also, make sure there is no wording or graphics printed so low on your backdrop that wouldn’t be visible to passersby.
    • Interactive Elements/Engaging Activities: Studies show that attendees love to visit booths that have some sort of interactive experience, product demonstrations, or other hands-on activities whether related to your company or other contests, activities or games. These activities can generate buzz and draw crowds, giving you more opportunities to connect with potential customers.
    • Branded Giveaways: Offer branded giveaways that are both useful and memorable. Bags, water bottles, or tech accessories will attract visitors and also keep your brand in their minds long after the event.
    • Offer a snack: Nothing brings attendees to your booth like food! Whether it’s something sweet or savory, walking an exhibit hall for any length of time can conjure up a craving for a taste of something for a little pick me up. AMPP offers snack station sponsorships to highlight your brand and draw folks to your exhibit space. Click here for more information! AMPP 2025 Snack Station.

    Creating a captivating exhibit space involves some thought and a few strategies. Drawing attention by creating a welcoming environment to engage with prospects and customers is key. I hope my tips above give you some inspiration and will provoke thoughts for creating a space to create a lasting impression on your audience. Happy exhibiting!

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