Water Tank Coating Challenges

    August 26, 2021 Corrosion CONTROLLED, Infrastructure, Water 

    Painting a water tank that is in the air requires a skill set and it involves a lot of preparation from a contractor’s point of view. But aside from the obvious challenges of it being up in the air, with safety being the first and foremost concern, what are the biggest hurdles in the coatings work that it takes to preserve and protect these assets?

    Tnemec’s annual Tank of the Year contest celebrates innovative and creative uses of the company’s coatings on water tanks. Each year since 2006, tanks of all varieties from across the U.S. and Canada are evaluated to determine the most impressive coatings projects in the water tank industry.

    The contest offers Tnemec a broad, firsthand look at the challenges as well as the opportunities involved with the coating of elevated water tanks, both from an asset owner's perspective and for a contractor.

    In a CoatingsPro Magazine podcast, Scott Keilbey, Tnemec's director of sales for the water tank market, and Mark Thomas, vice president of marketing, highlight the ups and downs of coating water tanks by sharing some details of past Tank of the Year winners' coatings projects and their stories.

    While discussing what constitutes a winner of this contest, including unique designs, they provide insights into sustainable coatings solutions – an important criterion in the contest. Additionally, an overview of why fluoropolymer coating systems are a popular choice for these environments is provided.


       An AMPP Interview Series, CoatingsPro Magazine  Podcast 


    Destin Tank

    2020 Tank of the Year Winner, City of Destin, Florida. Image courtesy of Tnemec.


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